Friday, September 9, 2011

Why an Agency?

1.     The main benefit of working with an Advertising Agency is that it allows business owners and personnel the time to stay focused on their daily responsibilities of running the business, serving their customers and hitting sales goals.  Another significant advantage is that although many business owners/professionals excel in their respective fields (legal, automotive, healthcare, home improvement, etc.), they are not as versed or experienced as the professionals in an Agency in the area of Advertising & Marketing.  Advertising and Marketing are critical to build top of mind awareness, generate traffic/leads, convert & track the most effective forms of advertising, and maximize return on investments... to ultimately grow their business strategically and efficiently.   In many cases, for the cost of a very low level employee or through the discounts offered by media to offset costs, a business can hire an Advertising Agency which will allow them to not only turn over the responsibilities of the day to day advertising needs, but they can & should realize significant and sustained growth in their revenues.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Does it really matter where I advertise…as long as I advertise?

Yes, it matters!  Finding the right medium to communicate your message is vital to maximizing the return on your investment.  All media can work at varying levels, but some much better than others.  Just as a savings account will grow your hard earned dollars, will it keep up with inflation and/or outperform other investments such as: CDs, Stocks, and Mutual Funds.  Recommendation: 1.) determine whether or not your business is a “destination” or “convenience” form of service/product.  This will factor in/out many forms of media.  2.) Who is your target customer?  Try to be as pinpointed as possible: when that person walks onto your business…they have a bulls-eye on them because they fit your profile perfectly.  3.) Research and talk to professionals who work with the media that best fit your business and your target customers.  Generally speaking, your dollars spent in fewer mediums and in a more targeted manner generate much greater results.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Display Advertising

Display advertising on the web and mobile devices allows you to reach your customers with compelling brand messages.

There is no more effective way to start a conversation with a potential customer than to communicate with them on the websites and mobile destinations that they visit on a daily basis. Our custom channel display advertising solutions allow you to precisely target your audience and deliver a compelling, goal-driven message that will drive consumers to take the actions you need to effectively accomplish your marketing goals. 

You can speak to a specific audience by targeting them geographically, by interest and affinity, or by demographic qualifiers.  Once you engage them, you will capture their attention using powerful creative to communicate your brand messages in a memorable way.  From there, you can direct them to your website, provide them a store locator to find nearby locations, show them a video, or have them follow you on Twitter. 

Target Custom Channels
We build you a custom ad network for every campaign. These Custom Channels include a  precisely-tuned mix of sites to ensure that your message is heard by the right audiences.  Also, all Custom Channels can be precisely-targeted to specific geographic areas where potential customers reside. 

Personal Account Management
We excel at personalized full-service account management that will ensure your campaign is  delivered just as you intended. 

Brilliant Creative
Bring us your completed creative or we can assist you in building units using the latest online ad unit technologies. 

Detailed Reporting
Via scheduled reporting delivered to your inbox, we give you deep insight into the performance of your campaigns so you will be fully informed about your campaign’s success.