Friday, September 9, 2011

Why an Agency?

1.     The main benefit of working with an Advertising Agency is that it allows business owners and personnel the time to stay focused on their daily responsibilities of running the business, serving their customers and hitting sales goals.  Another significant advantage is that although many business owners/professionals excel in their respective fields (legal, automotive, healthcare, home improvement, etc.), they are not as versed or experienced as the professionals in an Agency in the area of Advertising & Marketing.  Advertising and Marketing are critical to build top of mind awareness, generate traffic/leads, convert & track the most effective forms of advertising, and maximize return on investments... to ultimately grow their business strategically and efficiently.   In many cases, for the cost of a very low level employee or through the discounts offered by media to offset costs, a business can hire an Advertising Agency which will allow them to not only turn over the responsibilities of the day to day advertising needs, but they can & should realize significant and sustained growth in their revenues.

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