Monday, August 29, 2011

Does it really matter where I advertise…as long as I advertise?

Yes, it matters!  Finding the right medium to communicate your message is vital to maximizing the return on your investment.  All media can work at varying levels, but some much better than others.  Just as a savings account will grow your hard earned dollars, will it keep up with inflation and/or outperform other investments such as: CDs, Stocks, and Mutual Funds.  Recommendation: 1.) determine whether or not your business is a “destination” or “convenience” form of service/product.  This will factor in/out many forms of media.  2.) Who is your target customer?  Try to be as pinpointed as possible: when that person walks onto your business…they have a bulls-eye on them because they fit your profile perfectly.  3.) Research and talk to professionals who work with the media that best fit your business and your target customers.  Generally speaking, your dollars spent in fewer mediums and in a more targeted manner generate much greater results.

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